Initiative for Health Economics, Financing and Outcomes

Initiative for Health Economics, Financing and Outcomes (IHEFO) is a faculty-initiated research hub in the School of Health, Georgetown University. IHEFO works on pertinent and emerging issues encountered by healthcare systems domestically and globally, generating evidence, providing thought leadership, and engaging policy stakeholders for evidence-based decision making processes to shape and inform health system research and implementation agenda. IHEFO concentrates on improving health financing of health systems and conducting health economic outcome research across the globe. 

Featured Projects 

Subcontracted from University Research Co,  Professors Wu Zeng, Myriam Vuckovic and Eva Jarawan , as research members, work on building the data management capacity of government officials in Jordan and collecting evidence of best practices for improving the quality of maternal and child health services to develop evidence-based policies

In collaboration with Columbia University, Brandeis University, American University in Beruit, and Universidad de Los Andes, Professors Wu Zeng and Eva Jarawan worked on assessing financing mechanisms for Syrian refugees in Jordan and Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh 

Hospital Financing in low and lower-middle Income Countries

The World Health Organization has funded a project to Professors Wu Zeng, Eva Jarawan, and Vincent Turbat, to conduct a systematic review of contextual factors contributing to the success of hospital financing interventions in low and lower-middle income countries